We are the shoe manufacturing company Sture Group, and we are happy to offer our cooperation!
Our company is engaged in shoe tailoring business since 1991. During this time we have built a network of trusted partnerships and reached professionalism in our sphere.

We have accumulated a long experience of cooperation with enterprises in Finland, Ukraine, Russia, as well as with enterprises located in Estonia (Pomarfin, Samelin, Valise).

At the moment our capacities allow us to produce 200 — 300 pairs of shoe pieces a day.
We are getting ready cut (сut-sized details) and produce templates, ready for the further completion on the mounting machines.
We produce templates for all types of shoes: boots, shoes, ladies shoes, sandals, work shoes, shoes outlet, army (military footwear), urban, etc.

Our sewing shop is located in Tallinn, where the Estonian business activity is concentrated, and where qualified personnel is available.

We also run two shoe repair studios in Tallinn.

Our workshop area of ​​500 m2 is equipped with modern machinery, and meets all the requirements.
About 90% of our machinery is of PFAFF (471, 571) type, as well as the Italian machines FORTUNA.

Our employees are skilled seamstresses with experience of 10 years or more, and certified technicians.
Current number of employees is 25-30 people. We rely on our employees and therefore manage to finish work in time without sacrificing the quality of work!

Yet we are also looking for new employees!